Serious Skin Flashing Celebrities

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We admire the lives of the celebrities a bit too much because the kind of the life that they lead is indeed very impressive. The houses that they live in, the cars they travel in and yes, the clothes that they wear. All the women totally love the outfits that the female celebrities wear because of the fact that they are designer clothes an extremely trendy. But have you ever noticed that some of the stars like to flash their skin a bit too much? We bet you did. Want to have a look at some of the female celebrities who like flashing their bodies? Keep reading!

Mandy Moore showing off her body

Recently Mariah Carey celebrated her birthday and people were remembering that how glamorous she was. And there was a time when people used to take lessons from her when they were getting dressed because she would always be dressed to impress. But now she isn’t that much into the sunlight and she has been making rounds in the media but not that much. She is a curvy woman and has always been proud of showing her curves. I mean you all would agree with me on that the singer was always up for showing the world her curves and even in this picture you could very well see.

Mariah Carey

She is as bold as her voice and she completely tells it with her style statement wherever she goes. So people who have seen Rihanna know that she is the woman who has taken some bold decisions when it comes to dressing up and coming to events. She is the most talked celebs when it comes to outfits because most of the time she has worn outfits that have nothing to them. and yes you are practically naked but she would be the one who would just rock that dress. And we don’t think that she is the one who would mind this outfit even a bit.


Do you even recognize Lady Gaga without all the weird makeup that she does? We don’t know about you people but we got to say this definitely that we don’t recognize her at all. It is just as if we are so used to of seeing her with all that weird makeup and those very strange dresses, but what to do that is how she is. Although it is just so funny to think that most people do makeup so that they could look gorgeous and glam up but the singer has been doing makeup which hasn’t been making her look beautiful but just out of the box.

Lady Gaga

Rita Ora looks incredibly hot in her Calvin Klein underwear and on top of that the facial expression that she has shows that she knows the effect that she has on the men around. She is aware that she has an extremely hot body that everyone admires and so, why shouldn’t she show it around? When you work hard at something you show it off to feel good and we think that it is exactly what Rita likes to do.

Rita Ora

Jennifer Lawrence has been one of the most loved actresses in the world and there have been so many people who have been obsessed with her. and I don’t think so that there is any reason for them to not be obsessed with her because she is that amazing. And it isn’t like that she is the girl who would just look glamorous and would look beautiful but she is just as goofy as one could possibly be because she probably doesn’t know that she is flashing a bit too much or maybe she knows and she wants to show off? Who knows.

Jennifer Lawrence

The next celebrity that we have on the list is Jennifer Aniston!  If I were to meet this woman ever in my life which I know that I wouldn’t be but if I were to do then I would just ask her only one question and that is that how in the world is this woman has managed to look this gorgeous and amazing. I mean there must have been some sort of magic potion that she must have drunk which has kept her this young and beautiful after all these years. Major Friends fans would just remember her by Rachel Green because in our lives she is Rachel and would always be! She is a pretty woman who knows how to get dressed elegantly but at times she does like to show off a bit.

Jennifer Aniston

Should we say recently or should we say since forever, when it comes to Lindsay Lohan because when it comes to her there is always going to be one thing which would be controversial about her? She had such a nice career start from the very beginning, Mean Girls is the movie which people would never get over with it. And to this point or date, we all are still obsessed with the movie and her character. And then she started her self-destruction part in which she completely lost it. She was just becoming a center of attention for each and every joke.

Lindsay Lohan

So for Emma, we could say that she hasn’t been the one who has taken a lot of bold decisions and has walked the red carpet being naked or anything. we are just glad that she isn’t the one who would be showing too much of skin. But Emma has been the perfect one to show that how glamour is done. And if you don’t believe me then you should go and you should check out on the internet all the pictures of the actress where she has worn gorgeous gowns for her Beauty and the Beast premiere. Although in this picture you could get a nice peak!

Emma Watson

There is no doubt in that she is one of the top actresses of Hollywood because the work that she has done in numerous movies is just commendable. Although now she has been seen in movies because she has been a quite busy mommy. She has told the media that she has taken a little break from all those hectic schedules because she wants to spend time with her kid. She wants to be the normal mommy who stays with her kids and play with them. and obviously, if she would be working in the movies then she wouldn’t have the time. Although you can look that she is just so hot and definitely one of the hottest mommies in Hollywood.

Natalie Portman

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