Amazing Celebrity Weight Transformations


Drew Carey – Lost 90 Pounds

Drew Carey is most well known for his acting and game show hosting careers. Since the start of his career in the mid 90’s, the Cleveland native has been involved in almost every aspect of improv comedy. Carey became a regular at comedy clubs across Cleveland and Ohio. Today most people will recognize him from hosting either Whose Line is it Anyway? or The Price is Right. regardless of how you know him, there is no dismissing his comedic talent. Through all his good times though, he has often battled with bouts of depression. During these times he put on a lot of weight and even struggled with diabetes. He has since learned how to battle his depression and got into great shape by losing over 90pds! He now looks happier and healthier than ever!

Hilary Duff – Lost 40 Pounds

In 2000 when Duff was cast as the star on the new Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire. After gaining her fame from the show, she stepped out of the spotlight for a while when it ended, and got married and has a kid. She was always concerned about her weight and was careful to not gain any pounds. She also admitted that her body self confidence was not healthy, and that she was obsessed with being skinny. Her lack of eating eventually brought her health problems, but that state of mind would eventually go away when she got pregnant and put some weight on. She was able to eat whatever she want and finally didn’t feel guilty about it. After having her baby, she wanted to drop some weight to get back into her acting career. She has since lost all of her baby weight, but she isn’t in that state of mind she had when she was a teen of constantly needing to lose more weight, and suffering because of that.

Christina Aguilera – Lost 20 pounds

The pop star Christina Aguilera showed off her slimmer figure for the season four screening of The Voice in 2013. She whipped her body back into shape by working out with the fitness guru Tee Sorge and doing yoga.

Mike Tyson – Lost 140 Pounds

Nobody struck fear into their opponents in the boxing ring quite like Mike Tyson did. Tyson fought in 58 professional fights throughout his career, of which he only lost 6. Tyson held multiple titles during his boxing career, and he has since begun some acting, appearing in movies such as “The Hangover”. Since Tyson was a professional athlete,(and a big one) to maintain his muscle due to all the training. When he retired, he didn’t lower his food consumption, causing a lot of weight gain. In order to drop the weight, Tyson hit the gym again, and started training like an athlete once again. Even though he spends a lot of time on the road, he is still making sure to do his work outs to maintain his weight loss. Tyson has been able to lose 60 pounds and keep it off, and shockingly enough has gone vegan which helped in his weight loss.

Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart is most known for her role as “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch”. The shoe would experience a long run from 1996 to 2003. She also starred in another show “Can’t Hardly Wait”. Ever since she has mainly laid low, but did participate in season 9 of “Dancing With The Stars”, along with starting another sitcom “Melissa and Joey” which ran for a few seasons.  After having 3 kids, Melissa found herself about 40 pounds heavier than what she would like. She decided to get more active in order to keep up with her 3 children. She started on the Nutrisystem diet saying that following a diet would be easier to follow than hitting the gym everyday. She has since lost the 40 pounds she wanted to drop, and is able to keep up with her kids!

Randy Jackson – Lost 100 Pounds

Over the last decade or so, Jackson’s popularity spiked to an all-time high. In 2004 he joined the American Idol judges, and when the show took off, so did he. Over the past decade or so with the show, fans have seen Jackson transform as an American Idol judge, and with his weight. Before the show Jackson admitted he had a weight problem. In 2001 he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In 2003 he had gastric bypass surgery, and that really helped him kick his weight loss journey off. The surgery, along with a lifestyle change in diet and exercise, helped him lose over 100 pounds.

Zach Galifianakis – Lost  60 Pounds

Making it as a comedian in Hollywood seems to be a lot easier when you’re on the heavier side. Zach Galifianakis joined the group of funny chubby guys that made it in comedy, when he had his first big movie in 2009 with “The Hangover”. Ever since The Hangover, Zach had always been a bit overweight. When “The Campaign” was released in 2012, we saw him at his heaviest. In 2013, Zach started losing weight by giving up alcohol completely. Most celebrities usually hit the gym when they want to lose weight, but Zach just had to get moving around a little more and stop drinking so much. That combined with a healthier diet leaves Zach looking great right now.

Perez Hilton – Lost 70 Pounds

Perez is one of the most popular celeb gossip bloggers. His blog attracts millions of visitors each month. Most people have come to know him for desire to be part of the celeb culture. He is very hands on with his stories, often writing about his own experiences at shows, clubs, and other private events. Over the last 3 years Perez has gone on an amazing weight loss transformation, losing more than likely over 70 pounds. We don’t know the exact numbers, as he refuses to step on a scale. He sais his training regiment was very intense, working out seven days a week, sometimes twice a day.

Tom Arnold – Lost 100 Pounds

Tom Arnold had  a very successful career in the entertainment industry – as both a writer and an actor. According to IMDB, he has been involved over 160 movies. Although his popularity may have decreased over the years, he has recently made his way back into the Hollywood spotlight, although for reasons you may not think. Over the past few years he has under gone an incredible weight loss transformation. After the birth of his son, he was motivated to set a good example, and also to be healthier to be able to do more with his son.

Jon Favreau – Lost 85 Pounds

Its been a constant battle for John Favreau when it comes to his weight. In “Rudy”, Favreau was overweight. That would start change over the next few years as Favreau decided to get back into shape for “Swingers”, and he even displayed his weight loss shirtless. The weight loss wouldn’t last long as Favreau started to pile on the pounds again, especially after the birth of his kids. Favreau spent his time looking after his kids instead of watching his weight. At his worst, he weighed 300 pounds. Jon put himself on a diet that limited himself to 1200 calories a day. The poundsstarted to shed off pretty quickly for Favreau, as he went down from 290 pounds to 205 pounds. He said it was a rough road as he is a self pro-claimed food junkie, and he thinks about food all the time.

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