Heart-Stopping Photos Taken Moments Before Disaster

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The bigger they are…

When you see a photo like this, you can’t help but say, “What the Hell!!!” Not only did the boat not tip over, but only four of those containers actually landed up in the water. It seems as if the rescue workers weren’t too worried, seeing that they had time to whip out a phone and catch all the action. Nevertheless, I would not want to be the captain of that freighter, especially if I have to explain why a container filled with precious cargo happened to lose a couple of containers on the route.

Eject, Eject!!!

It’s Saturday afternoon, and the Air show just happens to be on. You decide to take the kids and show them how spectacular those fighter jets are. Never in your wildest dreams did you expect to see a pilot eject out of his Harrier, just before he crashes in front of the crowds. You go home and tell your friends, and they don’t believe you. That is until you show them the evidence and show off your expert photography skills.

Peekaboo, I see you

Everybody wants a cool and daring grandma. However, this granny could give the late Steve Erwin a good run for his money. I don’t necessarily think she was aware that there was a monster croc just a couple of feet away from her though. Thankfully, the croc only wanted to photobomb the picture and retreated peacefully, probably knowing that it would haunt the granny’s thoughts for a while. Not everyone gets that close to a croc and lives to tell the tale.

I just want a taste!

It does not matter what they say. If it is big and the name shark is attached to it, you need to pay it the respect it deserves. Even though these so-called gentle, giant, whale sharks only eat plankton, they can also get it wrong from time to time. This diver nearly saw the wrong side of a curious whale shark in this photo. Luckily, it decided to stick to its diet of plankton and aborted the savory snack.

Up, Up and Away

It sometimes pays to forget to put on your safety belt, or so Nigel Corner, the driver of the Goodwood Revival of 1998, will tell you. He was flung from his speeding Ferrari like a ragdoll and miraculously survived. He told MotorSports Magazine, that if he had been strapped in, he was gone for sure. It’s true what they say. They just don’t make things like they used to. Looking at that photo, it’s hard to believe that he walked away from the wreckage unscathed.

Swamp Thing

Every now and then it helps when you are oblivious to the danger that you find yourself in. This airboat ride took a turn for the worst when it decided to capsize and dump the passengers into alligator infested waters. The tourists, however, were blissfully unaware of the life-threatening danger they were in, while the tour guide knew exactly how dire their situation was. Luckily, they had the presence of mind to not wait and see if anyone would become lunch, so they got out safe and sound.

How close was that?

If these ladies ever wished that they could be a bit closer to the action, they got more than what they bargained for. Sitting on the side of the road of a hilltop race, none of them could ever imagine just how close a near-fatal crash would happen to them. This car crashed and landed right side up a mere 5 feet away from them. Miraculously, no one was too badly hurt. Even the driver could walk away.

And the snake said to Eve…

This lady seemed quite at ease while taking a leisurely swim with one of the world’s biggest predatory snakes. I don’t know if she is aware that these bad boys have been known to swallow humans whole. They don’t even stand (or slither) back for crocs. Whatever her state of mind, she seems quite comfortable and the snake also didn’t seem to mind the dip. Maybe she could actually communicate with the snake, who knows.

Is that It around the corner?

The fear of clowns is no joke (pun intended). People who are afraid of clowns, experience the same anxiety and numbing sensation when they come face to face with a clown. Now imagine that this baker has Coulrophobia. What he is about to experience is the thing that therapists thrive on. A double dose of the clown is waiting right around the corner. I just wonder who is going to get the bigger fright.

Hold on Jimmy I’m coming!

By the looks of the ladies in the canoe, this sight is probably the last thing that they were bargaining on seeing. It isn’t every day that you see a guy plunge headfirst into a lake with his bicycle. On the other hand, the cyclist probably thought at that moment that it was too late to pull out of the trick and just brace for impact. It’s always better to fall with style than to bail like a coward.


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