Unbelievable Haunting Photos Taken Moments Before Tragedy Struck


Photographs are a wonderful way of recording important events in our life. Aside from this use, our camera is able to record some amazing moments and occurrences. In such cases, you can encounter unperceivable tragedies right before they happen. In order to exemplify the true power of the camera, we’ve decided to show you the 20 most incredible photos right before tragedy ensued.

If you like music, there are high chances that your favorite artist was knowingly or unknowingly influenced by the Beatles. Much of their fame was due to their charismatic frontman John Lennon. This photo of John signing autographs would be his last, as he would be gunned down just ten minutes after he appeared in it. His murderer? The man in the background…

Most people don’t live the life they impersonate on-screen. There was one notable exception and that is the one and only Paul Walker. He loved racing cars as much as he did on-screen. Unfortunately, that was the death of him, also. This is his last known photo before he ran his Porsche Carrera sedan off the road.

Being a daredevil is far from easy. Although people admire you and you get your fair share of adrenalin rushes, that can also be your demise in the end. Such was the fate of Pavel Kashin, who, after this eerie photo was taken, did indeed complete his backflip. The stunt on the edge of the building caused him to lose his life.

Biggie Smalls will forever be known as one of the best rappers in human history. This miraculous man made it big and got out of the ghetto, but the ghetto caught up to him in a terrible way. While in Los Angeles, he was gunned down in a drive-by shooting by yet unknown gang members. This photo was taken a few moments before his passing away.

Japan Airlines Flight 123 was the sight of one of the worst aerial accidents of all time. It crashed a mere 100 kilometers after it took off, instantly killing every one of the 520 passengers. The reason for their demise was an explosive decompression. This photo was taken just a minute before they blew up.

Visitors in zoos sometimes don’t realize the danger they put themselves in while leaning in to look at animals a little bit closer.  This eerie photo was taken in the New Delhi zoo, just moments before the tiger dragged the man into his den and killed him. Nobody was able to distract the violent tiger as he reeled in his prey.

Every passenger jet as an age during which it’s safe and useful for maintaining flights. This particular Concorde served for 27 years before exploding mid-takeoff. Someone took a photo just as the body of the plane started bursting into an incredible amount of flames. Needless to say, everyone was killed in the event.

Robert Overacker decided to do a noble deed in order to spread awareness for the homeless problem in Canada. Because people don’t necessarily care for such social issues, he decided to put up a jet ski performance. In the midst of his act, he fell off into the depths of Niagara Falls.

Circus daredevils are some of the most amazing specimens of human bravery and resilience. Karl Wallenda was one of the most legendary acrobats of all time. Here, at 73 years old, we walked the line without any safety equipment whatsoever. Unfortunately, this walk was his last, as he fell tragically just seconds after this photo was taken.

Motorsports are not for the faint-hearted. Even though we fear for the drivers while watching them, it’s unimaginable what they have to go through. Here, we see perhaps the GOAT of all Formula One drivers, Ayrton Senna, just moments before the race in which he tragically crashed his car before passing away.


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